Striped T-Shirt Tutorial

1. For this shirt I wanted to imitate the shape of a shirt I owned that I really liked. I traced the shape of the shirt with the sleeves folded over onto a piece of folded over stretch knit fabric. 2. I cut out the shirt and sewed the shoulders closed (I am so proud... Continue Reading →


Sewing Tips and Tricks; Single Welt Pockets

It's taken us a while, but we've finally gotten started on our Sewing Tips and Tricks series. We weren't able to have friends over and teach them our tricks, but maybe we will for a different tutorial sometime. Alright, here we go: Welt Pockets! They're just so beautiful and professional looking, I put them on... Continue Reading →

Overalls With Lengthened Straps

The other day I went to L Train Vintage (an amazing thrift store!) and bought a pair of overalls. They fit really well except that the straps were a couple inches too short. I decided that I'd add five to six inches and adjust them to fit. Here's my tutorial on how! I started with... Continue Reading →

Lined Pencil Cases; A Tutorial

Over the summer, I learned how to make a lined pencil case with no visible fraying edges! I love this and have made many for myself and some for friends. Now I will share my knowledge with you! It's really easy, you just have to be careful when sewing near the zipper. There are three... Continue Reading →

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