2018 Sewing Plans

I haven't posted anything in an extremely long time, Knora is much better about posting than I am. Even though 2018 already started and I'm a bit late to the game, these are some of my plans for what I would like to sew in the new year. I have had this sewing pattern for... Continue Reading →


Sewing Plans for the New Year…

Hi everyone! It's time to show you guys my plans for the new year! (I know I'm a little late, but it was hard to narrow all my ideas down into one little make-nine.) This past year I made my first pair of pants, my favorite shorts ever, and a few skirts. Really though, my... Continue Reading →

Tap Shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  There's a very long story that goes with this post, so let's jump right in... The first sewing blog I ever found was Katy and Laney, way back in 2015. I became immediately obsessed with their style. I obsessed (this word is going to come up a lot) over their blog, happy to see... Continue Reading →


Some More Wide-Leg Pants…

Don't these pants just look so cool? I've been wearing them basically every day since I made them. They were also the bottom half of my Halloween costume (I was Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books). Here were the inspiration images for my costume: I succeeded in making the lion hat, the pants, and... Continue Reading →


Extremely Metallic…

I've had this silver fabric kicking around for a while, trying to figure out what to make without looking like I was wrapped in tin foil or an astronaut... what do you think? Did I succeed? I've also had my eye on this shirt by Geneva from A Pair & A Spare for a long... Continue Reading →


Darts & Gathers Year One!!

Woo hoo! It's the one year anniversary of Darts & Gathers! We made it! So, this should be a time to reflect on our first year of blogging, and we'll do a bit of that, but we were hoping we'd get to share with you some of our most ridiculous bloopers from this past 12... Continue Reading →


An Explanation…

Hi guys! Is anybody still here? This is Knora. We're super sorry we haven't posted in, well, three months. Since school started both Margo and I have been swamped with the high school application process, and we haven't even had time to put up a post about how we wouldn't be able to post for... Continue Reading →


A Crop Top and A Skirt

I have an obsession with crop tops, it seems! First my shirred crop top and now this! I have seen this shirt in many places all over the internet (and in dress form too!). I used a tutorial to create my own pattern for it here. My first one was a total disaster, made from... Continue Reading →


Culottes and a Crop Top

Hello again! This is another post to catch up with what I've been sewing lately. The crop top is a few months old, but I only made the culottes the other day. This off-the-shoulder shirred crop top is from a pattern the Margo and I spent an entire day drafting (It took a surprising amount... Continue Reading →


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