Rosie the Riveter!!


Hi everyone! Here’s another catch-up post:

As it turns out, I really made these pants in January, but I never got around to posting them. Then, in February, I was really bored at school one day so I started embroidering on the cuff of my pants (like you do…). Now I’m finally posting about them, though!

So, this was the first project finished on my #2018MakeNine! The Rosie the Riveter pants! They came out even better than I imagined, and I’ve been living in them since I finished them (I try not to wear them more than every third day, but on the weekend it’s hard…).



I don’t honestly remember what size I cut, but my measurements line up with an 8 at the waist and a 12 at the hips, so I probably cut something similar to that. I used a denim from JoAnn’s that I got around Christmas time for $10 per yard (on sale). I love everything about these pants! (I say that a lot, don’t I?) I love the pleats, the pockets, everything! I didn’t expect to like the pleats so much, but since the waistband sits so exactly on my waist I don’t mind. Id’ say my favorite detail is the pockets, because normally pockets on pants will flare out and make my hips look really big, and I don’t go for that. I was surprised how nice the pockets were and especially how deep they were! They would fit an iPad Mini! (I tried!)

When I was making them I rolled the hems because they were really long, and then I was feeling really lazy so I decided to leave it that way.


I left the cuffs like that for about a month before I realized the potential to embroider on them, so that’s what I did! So far I’ve done two flowers on the front of the right leg and one on the back of the left leg. I plan on putting four on each leg eventually, but I didn’t feel like waiting any longer to photograph these for D&G.


Happy Sewing,


P.S. Yes, I’m wearing bowling shoes. They’re thrifted from a GoodWill in Missouri (for $2.00!!), and they’re some of my favorite shoes!


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