A Lot To Catch Up On…

Long time no see. Anyone out there? Regardless of Margo’s and my lack of blogging so far this year, we have not stopped sewing. To make up for my lack of blogging, this is a post about four different makes (Wow. That’s a lot!). So, let’s get into the swing of things:

First, I gave my friend Mabel an embroidered jacket and a pair of Katy and Laney’s tap shorts for her birthday (a day we happen to share!). The jacket was hers to begin with, something I’d been working on for a while. If you follow our instagram, you’ve seen multiple progress pictures of it. Her shorts were originally something I’d been envisioning for myself since getting the fabric. I’d been inspired by a pair of army green shorts Mabel already had, actually. But when I realized our birthday was in less than a week and all I had for her was the jacket, I knew the shorts were perfect for her. Anyway, on to the details:

The Jacket:


Mabel first asked me to embroider a jacket for her almost a year ago. At some point in the past year, she gave me this jacket of hers to embroider. I immediately knew that I wanted to do something pink and floral to contrast the military style lines of the jacket. I started with the “feminist” embroidery on the back, then added flowers. That part of the jacket is probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever embroidered. Since our birthday (in mid-early March), I’ve actually been commissioned to embroider Feminist on one of Mabel’s friend’s jackets. It’s all so exciting!

I was planning on embroidering Mabel’s name somewhere on the jacket, but then I realized that since I have every intention of borrowing this jacket all the time, that might be strange-looking. So I left it off and wrote “Trump Sucks” instead (I now realize that I don’t have any pictures of the “Trump Sucks” embroidery, so…). That went fairly quickly, but embroidering “feminist” took forever.

The Shorts:


I also made her a pair of Katy and Laney’s Tap Shorts! This was a huge learning experience for me, as I’d never made pants/shorts/bottoms-with-a crotch for anyone else before. I was really surprised that Mabel’s measurements all fit into one size. When I make my own pants, I’m always grading down two sizes at least from the hips to the waist. Do other human beings normally fit into one size? Or is Mabel just a strangely proportional-to-size-charts kind of person?

Either way, her measurements were exactly half an inch smaller than the measurements for size 4. I cut size 4, in view A. I topstitched the angled seams on the front and the waistband. I used an army-green cotton from JoAnn’s that I got around Christmastime. As I bought it, I knew that it was the perfect color for Mabel (see her jacket, the same color, above). I have a little left over, and I’m thinking I might make myself some tap shorts too, if I have enough…

Separate from Mabel’s birthday present, I also gave her an embroidered shirt for Christmas (I know. I’m terrible at this blogging regularly thing). I made her a cropped shirt (just like my metallic one) and then embroidered on it.


Just like before, I cut a size small or extra small (whichever the smallest size is) of Lotta Jansdotter’s Esme Top, and then cropped it severely. I didn’t crop it as much as my metallic top, because Mabel’s torso is longer than mine, and I didn’t curve the hem. I actually cut out this shirt before my metallic one (though still inspired by Geneva’s cropped shirt on A Pair & A Spare), but made it after. I tried it on multiple times as I was making it and was surprised to find that when I make the Esme top out of a drapey-er fabric it is actually a little too big for me (previously I’ve only made it out of quilting cotton and other stiff fabrics) even though I cut the smallest size. I had a lot of fun running around the house in this shirt (pretending it was mine, obviously).

I used the same fabric for this top as I did for my culottes, a beautiful drapey (perhaps polyester) fabric that was my Mom’s before I stole it. I will probably use the same fabric to make myself the same shirt–and a skirt, and more pants, and another shirt, etc. etc.

The floral embroidery wrapping over one shoulder was inspired by Tessa Perlow. Her embroidery is so intricate and beautiful, and the shirts she embroiders are… I don’t even know how to describe them. Just click on the link already! I hand-drew the flowers onto the shirt with pen and then hair-sprayed the shirt before washing it to get the pen out (that works surprisingly well). My favorite flower to embroider was the Jonny Jump-Up (yellow/purple flower) in the center front. I was trying to give it depth and make it look like the petals were curling up, but I don’t think it reads that way. I just need to practice more.

And one last thing:


Earlier this year, I also made a shirred crop top from a pattern that Margo and I drafted last August/September (I also made this crop top from the same pattern). I got the fabric from Brooklyn General for $7.00 per yard (I think), a beautiful wine-colored fabric that I knew would be perfect. I lent it to Mabel for Spring Break, and she happened to photograph it with her shorts, so I guess I ought to mention it. It was pretty quick (and super easy), but the elastic thread keeps coming out! I have a few repairs I ought to have made before I lent it to Mabel, to be honest.


Alright, well, that’s enough catching up for one day. I’ll try to post about my numerous new pairs of pants soon!

Happy Sewing,



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