2018 Sewing Plans

I haven’t posted anything in an extremely long time, Knora is much better about posting than I am. Even though 2018 already started and I’m a bit late to the game, these are some of my plans for what I would like to sew in the new year.

I have had this sewing pattern for awhile, and I would like to finally make it. I would also like to make the victoria blazer, I think it will be a good challenge to sew something more tailored.  I also want to make tap shorts, Knora made a pair with constellation fabric and I want to make some too. I want to try sewing a zigzag or scalloped hem, so I will probably make a shirt with one of those hems soon.


Right now I have an unusually large quantity of large pieces of fabric, usually I have lots of little scraps. This means I can make dresses! I don’t actually wear many dresses, but they’re still fun to make. So, here is some of that fabric:


They are both very small prints, and they are both incredibly soft! The second one is less brown in real life, and a bit more green.


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