Some More Wide-Leg Pants…

Don’t these pants just look so cool? I’ve been wearing them basically every day since I made them. They were also the bottom half of my Halloween costume (I was Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books). Here were the inspiration images for my costume:

I succeeded in making the lion hat, the pants, and I bought the sweater on eBay (for three dollars!). I then made my own quibbler, Spectrespecs, and used a wand I already had (we love Harry Potter over here!). I️ dressed up with a bunch of other people and we were all Harry Potter characters. Margo was a Stag Patronus, and  her antlers were amazing! I’d say my costume was a success.

Now back to the pants. I used McCall’s 6556 (View B) in a size 12, a pattern my Mom has had forever and told me would fit better than my previous Culottes, for which I just extended the legs of my high-waisted shorts pattern. I had to take it in because the smallest size was still a size over my measurements, and I cut about two inches off the waist because the pants were bordering on empire-waist. I then realized that I should’ve only cut one inch off, so I gave it a waistband instead of facings. The legs were a lot wider than my last pair, which I really liked, but the pants barely touch my legs (because they’re so stiff) and so it’s really cold to wear them.

The fabric I used was a stiff cotton/canvas that I pulled out of the back of my Mom’s stash and had just enough to use. Originally I bought some really fancy fabric from Mood to use for my costume, but when I found this I knew it was perfect for Luna. What should I do with the Mood fabric? I have two yards and it’s beautiful, but I don’t know what to do with it. Another pair of pants?

Happy sewing,



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