Extremely Metallic…

I’ve had this silver fabric kicking around for a while, trying to figure out what to make without looking like I was wrapped in tin foil or an astronaut… what do you think? Did I succeed?

I’ve also had my eye on this shirt by Geneva from A Pair & A Spare for a long time, so I thought I’d test it out with my silver fabric (I also have plans to make a maxi skirt like hers too!). I personally think it turned out pretty cute, especially for a holiday/party top. I love dancing around in it, as long as I’m careful not to lift up my arms too high (I made it a bit too short). I was going for a midriff-baring top with just a tiny strip of skin showing, and it looks great when I’m holding still, but my movement is fairly restricted. I think it might not rise up with my arms so much if a created a center front or back seam and took in some of the excess fabric (it’s really wide).


The pattern I used was the Esme top by Lotta Jansdotter (extremely cropped) in a size small or extra small (I can’t remember which). I cut off 5/8 of an inch from the neck and arms, then made some silver bias tape and finished it that way. I also curved the hem, so that it’s longer at the front and back centers and shorter on the sides (the difference is an inch).

My fabric is from Joann’s from about a year ago… At first it looks extremely silver, but if you look closer it has some rusty stripes going through it. I kind of want to embroider this top in white or black, but it might snag the fabric and make it fall apart.

Sorry for taking so many photos, everyone! I just found some really great backgrounds in my Grandma’s house (we were there for Thanksgiving) and couldn’t resist. I’ll have a post up soon for the pants I’ve photographed here as well.

Happy sewing,



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