Darts & Gathers Year One!!

Woo hoo! It’s the one year anniversary of Darts & Gathers! We made it! So, this should be a time to reflect on our first year of blogging, and we’ll do a bit of that, but we were hoping we’d get to share with you some of our most ridiculous bloopers from this past 12 months (In the true Katy & Laney fashion). First, though, let’s reflect on this past year (sorry in advance for the extremely long post):


First, a summary of what I’ve done in the past 12 months:

  • Skirts: 4
  • Shirts: 4
  • Pants: 2 (one pair has been blogged about, one hasn’t)
  • Shorts: 4
  • Dresses: 1
  • Refashions: 3
  • Total: 17

I was about to say how I’d made many more pants than anything else, but I can now see that that’s very untrue. I’ve made mainly Shirts, Skirts, and Shorts this year. But I was only really wore one of my skirts and one of my shirts. I wore most of my shorts (the invisible zipper broke on my Iris Shorts and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it). For next year, I really hope to master skinny jeans and shirts that I’ll wear. I also really want to expand on my horizons on the fabric front, by trying rayon, crepe, silk, etc. (I really want to try sequins too!). I have my sights set on this entire outfit from apairandasparediy.com.

Additionally, Margo and I have recently gotten into a lot of embroidery (though we haven’t blogged about it yet) and I’m excited to do more of that, too. We’ve done mainly denim jackets, because denim is a really nice surface to embroider on. If you don’t already know Tessa Perlow, she’s the most amazing embroidery artist ever and go look at her work!!



Knora is much more organized than I am, and knows what she’s made in the past year, I do not. I tried looking through the stuff I’ve made, but  I honestly can’t remember when I made most of it. I know I’ve made 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, and some other non – clothing items. I’m pretty sure I also made some other things though (It’s hard to believe I went a year without making a single skirt). I also embroidered a pair of shoes, I’m probably going to add more embroidery though, so I’ll wait to post about them. The shoes are taking a really long time because it’s really tough to get an embroidery needle through a layer of canvas, plus a lining. I would like to start making more fitted garments, as most of the clothes I make are pretty loose.


And now for some big news…

We have an instagram now! Go check it out (and follow us too!)!!

We are https://www.instagram.com/dartsgathers/


And now for some even bigger news…

We are going to open an Etsy shop in the near future!! We are going to sell embroidered jackets (and maybe a little bit of sewn stuff). We are soooo excited!!! Our brand name is Chipmunk & Co. embroidered denim. We can’t wait!!!! Right now we’re working on our first few jackets and planning what we’ll sew.

Chipmunk & Co..jpg


Alright… bloopers!


Margo making a beautiful face…


Somehow Knora always manages to blink…

Attack of the string!                                                            Knora’s looking very thoughtful in this picture…

Margo playing some serious air guitar…

Knora’s given up, and, well, Margo’s sneaking away…

Margo looks maniacally guilty…


And Knora looks sooooo tired….



Margo sneezed…IMG_0356

And lastly, a couple of photobombs that we are attached to…


Sorry for the long post, and we commend you if you really read this far. Our regular posts should be starting up soon (especially with the Holiday-Present-Making-Season starting), so be on the lookout!

Happy Birthday, us!

-Knora and Margo


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