Culottes and a Crop Top

Hello again! This is another post to catch up with what I’ve been sewing lately. The crop top is a few months old, but I only made the culottes the other day. This off-the-shoulder shirred crop top is from a pattern the Margo and I spent an entire day drafting (It took a surprising amount of math and elastic thread to create our first top). We were drafting a bodice for a dress, that ended up doubling as a crop top. Here are our inspiration images:

At first, we would stitch in a circle around the top with elastic thread and backstitch, but it didn’t look very good so we started spiraling around the top as we went. In the spot where we first started spiraling there’s a big mess on the back of the shirt, but the images are too blurry to show you.

For the culottes, I used my new favorite shorts pattern (as you can see here), Simplicity 5110. Because the legs were already pretty wide, I just extended them 20 inches or so (I don’t remember exactly) and cut them out. I love them so much! They’re made of a beautiful, swishy fabric that I can’t identify. They look like wool (and are really warm) but they’re so soft and drapey they couldn’t be.

My brother helped me take photos, and there was a bunch where I was looking at the floor, so he collaged them into a series he calls “Bug On The Floor.”


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