The Perfect Shorts Pattern

Hi everyone! Sorry we’ve been so absent on Darts and Gathers lately. Since summer vacation, Darts and Gathers basically flew out the window. Sewing hasn’t, though! We have lots of items to catalogue on Darts and Gathers. Here goes:

Since I started sewing (about a year and a half ago) I have been looking for the perfect shorts pattern that I can make with casual or fancy fabrics and I can wear forever. I basically just described Simplicity 5110 for you. I’m already working on my fourth pair of these beautiful shorts!

There are four views to the pattern, and all of them are absolutely beautiful! View 1 is high-waisted with a fly-front zipper, front tucks, and a rolled cuff; View 2 is high-waisted with a fly-front zipper, piping at the side-seams, and an elasticated waistband; View 3 is high-waisted with an elastic waistband and drawstring sides; and View 4 is a pair of high-waisted wrap shorts! What’s not to love?

These shorts were also my first time ever making a fly-front zipper. My first pair wasn’t so great, but by the time I made my third, I didn’t even need the tutorial I was using (here is the link, but).

But of course even though I love everything about the pattern… I made a bunch of variations to it. For the first pair I’ve finished, I used View 1 but converted the tucks to darts and used facing at the waist instead of the waistband that the pattern had. On all three pairs I’ve made I’ve had to take in the side seams a lot, but they’re so easy to make it takes barely any time at all.

Pair Number One:


On my second pair, I used View 1 again but  still converted the tucks to darts, used bias tape for the waistband, and added welt pockets (I added those welt pockets the same day I wrote our welt pocket tutorial!). Though the front pockets are useful, I find that they stick out a little and kind of make my waist disappear. That’s why I didn’t add pockets to the third pair.

Pair Number Two:


For my third pair, I used View 1 again but didn’t cut out the pockets and used darts instead of tucks. I drafted my own waistband facing and it worked really well. These are my favorite pair, because I’m so proud of my pattern matching (and I only had a yard of fabric!).

Pair Number Three:



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