Striped T-Shirt Tutorial

My lovely makeshift pattern weights

1. For this shirt I wanted to imitate the shape of a shirt I owned that I really liked. I traced the shape of the shirt with the sleeves folded over onto a piece of folded over stretch knit fabric.

2. I cut out the shirt and sewed the shoulders closed (I am so proud of the stripe matching on this shoulder!)shirt4


3.This is what the shirt looked like after sewing the side seams and hemming the neck. I decided that I wanted to add sleeves.

4. I did not draft my own sleeve pattern, instead I used the sleeve from View C of the McCall’s 2237 dress pattern. It has longish sleeves that I really liked and decided to use.


I cut out the pattern and sewed them on.







shirt15. The finished product! Sorry, I used such bad pictures, I didn’t have a good camera and the lighting’s really bad where I took the pictures. I’m so glad I made this shirt, I already wear it a lot, and I think it turned out really well.



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