Sewing Tips and Tricks; Single Welt Pockets

It’s taken us a while, but we’ve finally gotten started on our Sewing Tips and Tricks series. We weren’t able to have friends over and teach them our tricks, but maybe we will for a different tutorial sometime. Alright, here we go:

Welt Pockets! They’re just so beautiful and professional looking, I put them on almost everything. Now you can too!


  • Two pocket pieces: 6 inches wide by 5.5 inches long (one of these can be from lining fabric)
  •  Welt Piece: 1.5 inches by 6 inches (in the photos I show a welt pocket with the measurements 2″ by 6″, and as you can see, the fabric is stressed and pulled taught)
  •  Garment (or a piece of scrap fabric to practice on)
  •  Interfacing: roughly 3 inches by 6 inches (optional, you only need interfacing if your fabric is thin)


  1. Fold your welt piece in half, right sides out, and press. Draw a 5.5 inch line on the right side of your garment (or test fabric), marking the placement of the pocket.
  2. Place the welt piece against the bottom of the line, with the raw edges against the line. Take one pocket piece (the one made of lining fabric, if you’re using lining) and put it on top of the welt piece, with the right side of the lining against the welt piece.  Place your other pocket piece above the marking, lining up all the raw edges. The pocket pieces and welt piece should each extend 1/2 inch from either side of the marking on the garment.
  3. Mark 1/2 inch towards the center of the pocket pieces from the right and left edge, and 1/4 inch from the place where the raw edges of the pockets meet. Sew 2 perfectly parallel and straight lines from one mark to the other on each pocket piece (attaching them to the garment, and the lining also to the welt piece).img_9872.jpg
  4. Flip the garment over and cut a line in between the two stitch lines, roughly where the original marking is on the right side of the fabric. About 1/2 inch before you reach either end, diverge the cutting line into 2 lines, forming a triangle flap at the end.fullsizerender-41.jpg
  5. Pull everything (both pocket pieces and the welt piece) through the hole you just made and flatten it down, tucking the ends of the welt piece in. Press. It’s starting to look like a pocket!FullSizeRender-6
  6. With the right side of the garment up, pull the garment to one side and look at the side of the pocket pieces and the triangle. To close the pocket, make sure you sew way over this triangle, then down and around the pocket pieces (if they don’t line up, just so where they overlap), and over the triangle on the other side. Press, and you’re done!

As you can see in the photos, I cut my welt piece the wrong size, but didn’t realize it until I was done. The fabric is a little stressed, but it looks okay. Just remember to cut your welt piece 1.5 inches long instead of 2 inches long.






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