Overalls With Lengthened Straps

The other day I went to L Train Vintage (an amazing thrift store!) and bought a pair of overalls. They fit really well except that the straps were a couple inches too short. I decided that I’d add five to six inches and adjust them to fit. Here’s my tutorial on how!

I started with my overalls, measured up 2 inches from the start of the straps at the back, and cut off the straps at an angle parallel to the base of the straps.


I then cut out to pieces of fabric, as wide as the overall straps plus seam allowance, and 6-7 inches long. I folded down all the sides by 1/2 inch, using mitered corners (ironing the corners at 45 degrees). I then folded (and pressed!) my fabric pieces in half.


The next and final step was to pin the strap extensions to the straps and strap bases and sew it up! You’re done!


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