Iris Shorts

I made the Iris shorts by Colette Patterns! I love them, even though the fit of the waistband is a little off. I made them out of a beautiful Italian corduroy (or so I’m told it’s called). The fabric really just seems like velvet, but if you look at the wrong side you can see the tiny little wales. I love how easy the pockets were to insert, the instructions were really helpful. I also successfully inserted an invisible zipper, which I’m super proud of! I’m getting lots of practice!


I made a size four, and I was lucky I did. My measurements were between a size two or a zero, and the finished garment measurements were the same. However, my Mom made me a beautiful pair of Iris shorts the year before in a size four, so I knew they would fit. When I made the shorts, the fabric was much bulkier than the Iris
shorts I already own, so they were a lot tighter. The waist of the shorts sits a few
inches lower than my natural waist, which was not indicated on the pattern, which is why a size four fits me and a size two would not. Though a size tIMG_0509wo pair of shorts would have a 26 inch waist, it would be 26 inches sitting on me where my measurement is 28 inches. It just wouldn’t work. The size four barely fit anyway, it sat so low on my hips.
Oh, well. I’ll just know for next time. Hopefully I’ll still wear these shorts though, the fabric is so beautiful!


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