Me Made May Week 1

“I, Knora of Darts and Gathers (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavor to wear one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2017.”

“I, Margo of Darts and Gathers ( pledge to wear one me-made or refashioned item each day for the duration of May, 2017.”

**Knora: When I pledged to wear one me-made item each day, I meant refashioned as well. I hope you guys like the new refashions we’ll be debuting this month!

May 1

I wore my open back shirt today, you can read the post on it here: Open Back Button Shirt.

Today I wore an A-line mini skirt, from the Simplicity 9662 (2 hour skirt) pattern. You can read more about my new skirt here, and here‘s the first Simplicity 9662 I made. These fit me so well!


May 2

I’m wearing a variation on an Esme Top by Lotta Jansdotter that I made last summer before the blog was created. I gave it a tulip hem on the back and I love it so much! I wear this top all the time!


This skirt was a refashion, I used a gigantic skirt I found in a thrift store to make this skirt with a circle pocket, and a pair of shorts.




May 3

I made these shorts with the New Look 6290 pattern. These shorts were view D, made without the lace overlay.

In these photos I’m wearing yet another Simplicity 9662, but this time it’s an H-line mini skirt with a ruffle hem variation that I added. I made this a few weeks before we founded the blog, so there’s no post about it. I have made so many of these skirts!

May 4

Here’s another Esme Top by Lotta Jansdotter with a variation… this time it’s an elastic waistband. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever made a plain old Esme Top… you can read more about this shirt here.

Photos Courtesy of Alexa D.

I made the dress shown in these photos about 4 years ago (3rd grade) that’s why it’s so short on me. It was one of the first projects that I ever completed for myself and I’m surprised it still fits!






May 5

Sadly, it was raining today and we had to take pictures in our school’s cafeteria instead of outside. The dress I’m wearing was a refashion and you can find a post about it here: Overalls Dress Refashion.

Photos courtesy of Alexa D.

Here’s a pair of Owyn Shorts by Lotta Jansdotter . Since I made these last summer, there’s no post about them on the blog. They’re super comfy and I’m really proud of my pattern matching with this fabric!




May 6

Here’s what I wore for the Kentucky Derby! Though it’s hard to tell in these photos, I’m wearing the same skirt I wore on May 3. My top is a self-drafted top based off of the top Geneva wore on A Pair & A Spare here.

These pictures were actually taken on the 7th because I forgot to take pictures on the 6th, I wore this dress to Knora’s Derby party and a Bat Mitzvah. The pattern was McCalls 2237. Because I used stretch and the dress is a bit big on me, I did it without the zipper, and the buttons don’t actually work. I also lengthened it a bit and didn’t put on the sleeves.

May 7

These are the same shorts that I wore on May 3.

This is an Esme Tunic I made many months ago (long before the blog, as most of my Lotta Jansdotter pieces are), that I wear all the time. I learned to sew sleeves while making this, and they’re perfect!

-Knora and Margo


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