A Refashion And Some Activism

Happy Fashion Revolution Week everyone! Happy March for Science day as well (well, two days after)! And happy two days after Earth Day too! Starting, well, a long time ago, I began to work on refashioning a bag into a pair of embroidered shorts. Back in January I made my P-hat for the Women’s March, and just a couple of weeks ago I made myself a choker out of political issue pins. Here is all of them added together for Fashion Revolution Week and the March for Science!

The Choker


The Fashion Revolution isn’t only about the cost of lives in the fashion industry and the skill it takes to be a garment-worker that goes unnoticed, though that’s really important, it’s also about the amount of fabric wasted and polluting the Earth. Using scraps of fabric helps to eliminate fabric waste, and this choker was made entirely from scrap fabric. It’s a great way to use scraps of fabric from around the house and eliminate waste!

A few weeks ago we were selling some political activism pins in school, and to advertise I wanted to try and wear all the pins we were selling at once. Instead of putting a bunch of pins in my shirt each day, I decided to make a choker. I cut a piece of white map-printed fabric (you can see the right side of this fabric here) about 18 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. With the wrong sides together I sewed it, then, instead of turning it right side out, I folded up the raw edge and sewed it down. Because 18 inches was too long, I cut and folded the ends down to about 12 inches, which was still too long, but barely. I cut small holes near either end and threaded some twine through, which is how I tie it. I pinned on all of my pins (and a few we weren’t selling at school) and voilà! A new choker!


The P-Hat


Here’s the hat! I love it so much, it’s just one of the comfiest hats I’ve ever made (and the only I ever knitted)! I used a hand-spun yarn made by my Mom’s friend, Lauren. She gave us a bunch of yarn to make our P-hats, which turned out to be kind of self-striping. It was fun to learn to knit and I loved using this yarn. For the Women’s March my Mom and I used the serger to sew together a bunch of cheap fabric p-hats so we could give them out to people without hats at the march. We were really successful, and gave out a bunch (more than 20 at least)! We even made a small little hat for this dinosaur.


The Shorts

These shorts went on a long journey before they became what they are. First pants, then a bag… you’ll see what happened.

Once upon a time when I was five or six years old, I told my mom I wanted to sew a bag. My mom gave me the idea to make this bag out of a pair of pants, and supplied the pants (that used to belong to my uncle when he was a kid). I cut off the legs  and sewed them shut. After stringing a pretty piece of fabric through the belt loops, I had a brand new bag. End of story. I never used the bag again.


Just the other day, I was going through the giant rack of bags living in my room, and I came across it underneath everything else. Huh, I thought. What if this fits me? I quickly seam-ripped the legs open and tried it on. Ta-da! It fit me! I had a new pair of shorts!

Next the shorts sat on the floor for a while, because it was the middle of winter and I wasn’t going to wear them much. Then, I saw Geneva’s post over on A Pair & A Spare about embroidery, and I scoured Pinterest for embroidered denim. Pretty quickly, my shorts were embroidered on with some political activism phrases and now look like this (along with my tiny laminated sign for the March for Science):



On a final note, remember to check out Fashion Revolution and ask “who made your clothes,” as well as sharing it on social media!



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