A (Very) Stripy Shirt

UPDATE: The pattern I used for this was the Lisette B6183, which looks tunicky (is that a word?) but is oddly structured when made.


I actually finished this shirt midway through January, but I’m only just now posting it on the blog. Since I’m not at home with the pattern right now, I can’t write what pattern I used. I will update this post later with a few more details. For a while I really wanted a shirt with crazy stripes going every direction, just because I thought it would look really cool. Some of my inspiration was from this pattern in my Mom’s pattern stash:

I like the stripes, but not the actual pattern very much. Then, I also found a pattern with lots of side panels and yokes and all sorts of different things that I thought would be perfect. Sadly, the pattern was a size too big. I desperately begged my grandma for the smaller size for Christmas, and surprisingly it showed up a week later. I found a strange stripy fabric that was in the colors gray, white, and yellow. I soon had the pieces cut out and assembled the shirt in a few lazy weekends.


The only minor disaster I encountered was when I had to switch the yoke with the yoke facing, because I had cut the pieces out so that the stripes nearly matched and it looked like I was trying to get them to match, though I wasn’t. The pattern instructions also wanted me to use pliers to pull some of the teeth off of my zipper, but instead I made my seams sewing down the facing longer. Here’s the final result (I know I’m making a weird face):

untitled-drawingThe picture of the shirt on the front of the pattern doesn’t make it look fitted, but it is a strangely fitted tunic sort of thing. There is a lot of ease in the back and front side seams, and it is very shaped. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this as much if I was using a softer fabric.



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