Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

I just learned how to crochet and I decided to tackle fingerless gloves, surprisingly they were pretty easy. I had just learned to crochet so I didn’t have a crochet hook yet so I used a 5mm knitting needle which is the same as an H/8 crochet hook. Unfortunately I don’t know the yarn size, but you can see how thick it is next to an H/8 crochet hook. These gloves fit my hands and my mom’s hands, (the hands in the pictures are my mom’s). Try them on while you make them to make sure they will fit your hands.

Here are the directions;

  1. Chain 37 stitches
  2. Crochet together the first and last stitch so that you can crochet in the round
  3. Crochet 5 rows
  4.  Chain 7 stitches (for the thumb)
  5. Crochet your chain to the rest of the glove
  6. Crochet two rows
  7. At this point you should try the glove on and see if you want to start crocheting stitches together
  8. Crochet two stitches together at the thumb
  9. Crochet one row
  10. Crochet two stitches together at the thumb
  11. Crochet one row
  12. Crochet one row alternating between regular stitches and crocheting two stitches together
  13. Crochet one row
  14. At this point the glove is probably around the point where your hand meets your wrist, you can either crochet more rows for longer gloves or stop here
  15. End the gloves by cutting the string and pulling it through the loop on your hook
  16. After you’re done you can add trim to the gloves, I added black trim around the thumbs of mine

Have fun crocheting!



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