Open Back Button Shirt


I love this fabric, I found it in a pleated skirt at a stoop sale. I took apart the skirt (I felt terrible, it looked hand sewn and the pleats were beautiful!) and was left with 2-3 yards of fabric! I made this shirt and still have some left.

To make this shirt I used an existing simple shirt pattern that I had made. I made it by folding one of my shirts in half, tracing it, and changing it a little for seam allowance and taking into account that I’m not using stretch fabric. Then I distinguished the front and the back by changing the necklines and cutting the slit. (make sure you add seam allowance on the slit) Then I sewed up the sides and hemmed the sleeves. This is the hard part, you have to do one long continuous hem through the neck, slit, and bottom. After doing this you sew on however many buttons you want and sew the buttonholes either with a buttonholer, zigzag stitch, or handsewing them. I would recommend either adding snaps under the buttons or adding more buttons because it tends to move and blow around a lot. We took these pictures in December on a very cold and windy day!




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