Gathered Bell Skirt


Photos by Mabel Burlem and Stephanie Silhavy

I first saw this skirt on a person at school, white with jagged and somewhat random black stripes printed on it. I thought about the skirt for 3 days and couldn’t think of anything else. Then, I went to a restaurant for brunch with my family and there were paper tablecloths. I drew the skirt for my Mom, and she explained how easy it was to make. I went home and searched my Mom’s fabric stash for the perfect upholstery fabric. I thought I found the right one, blue with green flowers, until I unfolded the fabric and found what was wrapped in it. The perfect thing, that reminds me of Judy Jetson. Just look at it!


I measured out my waist and added two inches for seam allowance and room to grow. Then, instead of measuring anything, I cut the fabric off, selvage to selvage. I probably spent 2 hours gathering it, but the effect was beautiful. The only thing I cut corners with was sewing the waistband closed. I should have hand sewed, but instead I sewed it down on the machine. Maybe someday I’ll rip it out and hand sew it. I’m ecstatic about the skirt anyway. It moves as a separate entity from myself!




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