Sewing Tips and Tricks; Single Welt Pockets

It's taken us a while, but we've finally gotten started on our Sewing Tips and Tricks series. We weren't able to have friends over and teach them our tricks, but maybe we will for a different tutorial sometime. Alright, here we go: Welt Pockets! They're just so beautiful and professional looking, I put them on... Continue Reading →

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Extremely Metallic…

I've had this silver fabric kicking around for a while, trying to figure out what to make without looking like I was wrapped in tin foil or an astronaut... what do you think? Did I succeed? I've also had my eye on this shirt by Geneva from A Pair & A Spare for a long... Continue Reading →

Darts & Gathers Year One!!

Woo hoo! It's the one year anniversary of Darts & Gathers! We made it! So, this should be a time to reflect on our first year of blogging, and we'll do a bit of that, but we were hoping we'd get to share with you some of our most ridiculous bloopers from this past 12... Continue Reading →

An Explanation…

Hi guys! Is anybody still here? This is Knora. We're super sorry we haven't posted in, well, three months. Since school started both Margo and I have been swamped with the high school application process, and we haven't even had time to put up a post about how we wouldn't be able to post for... Continue Reading →

A Crop Top and A Skirt

I have an obsession with crop tops, it seems! First my shirred crop top and now this! I have seen this shirt in many places all over the internet (and in dress form too!). I used a tutorial to create my own pattern for it here. My first one was a total disaster, made from... Continue Reading →

Culottes and a Crop Top

Hello again! This is another post to catch up with what I've been sewing lately. The crop top is a few months old, but I only made the culottes the other day. This off-the-shoulder shirred crop top is from a pattern the Margo and I spent an entire day drafting (It took a surprising amount... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Shorts Pattern

Hi everyone! Sorry we've been so absent on Darts and Gathers lately. Since summer vacation, Darts and Gathers basically flew out the window. Sewing hasn't, though! We have lots of items to catalogue on Darts and Gathers. Here goes: Since I started sewing (about a year and a half ago) I have been looking for... Continue Reading →

Striped T-Shirt Tutorial

1. For this shirt I wanted to imitate the shape of a shirt I owned that I really liked. I traced the shape of the shirt with the sleeves folded over onto a piece of folded over stretch knit fabric. 2. I cut out the shirt and sewed the shoulders closed (I am so proud... Continue Reading →

Overalls With Lengthened Straps

The other day I went to L Train Vintage (an amazing thrift store!) and bought a pair of overalls. They fit really well except that the straps were a couple inches too short. I decided that I'd add five to six inches and adjust them to fit. Here's my tutorial on how! I started with... Continue Reading →

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